März 30, 2020

Mobby mit Hygiene Schutzschirm

Mobby with protection screen
Hygiene Schutzschirm gegen corona virus, ...

März 29, 2020

Hygiene Schutzschild

Hygiene Schutzschirm
Hygiene Schutzschild gegen corona virus


Multimobby 360

Multimobby 360 

Introducing Multimobby : The advanced PRM transport vehicle

Special Mobility is revealing a brand new project, the Multimobby, at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2017. The concept will revolutionise PRM transport and addresses key safety issues for passengers, as well as increasing efficiency for airport attendants.

Multimobby 360 

What is the concept of Multimobby:

The Multimobby is a vehicle especially designed for comfortable and safe transportation of PRM and to prevent smashing people or objects  

Multimobby 360 

What makes Multimobby so special?

Safety is the key word!

The Multimobby has (optional) scanners in front and at the back that will detect persons and objects. It adapts it’s speed in a crowdy surrounding. Speed depending programming makes it possible for the Multimobby to go into elevators without hitting the walls. Both PRM as people in the airport are protected.
The Multimobby has a low entry so stepping in and out is easy for the passengers. Arms and legs are protected by the doors and side panels. All doors have sensors, if they open the Multimobby will stop immediately. Without closing the doors the Multimobby cannot drive.
For hand luggage is space on board the Multimobby and in the swing-up luggage rack at the back.

A Mobby transport wheelchair can be connected at the back of the luggage rack.
The Multimobby is highly manoeuvrable due to the 360 turning.
With the dimensions of only 3 meter by 1.08 meter it takes a total of 8 people!

Multimobby 360 

How important is safety when it comes to PRM transport and how can Multimobby achieve this?

Every airport that uses vehicles like Golf carts for transportation of PRM have issues with injuries.
Legs or arms get hit in elevators or whilst driving close to obstacles. Also Golf carts ride into people or object by accident.
Damages and claims are issues that airports are familiar with.

Multimobby 360 

How can Multimobby increase efficiency and save costs at Airports?

Multimobby takes 1 Attendant and 7 PRM in a 3 meter length vehicle. The Golf cart that is 3.5 meter takes only 5 PRM. This is an increase of PRM transportation capacity of 40% with less space.
Costs for injuries will be going down dramatically. 

Multimobby 360 

Are there any trials being done at existing airports?

The development of the Multimobby was initiated by Special Mobility in cooperation with Brussel Airport Company.
Multimobby is being tested at Heathrow by Omniserv and placed a big order in 2018.

Multimobby 360

Multimobby 360

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