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Multimobby corona screens
Multimobby corona screens
Artikelnummer 401

Item description

Multimobby is designed for transport of Passagers with Reduced Mobility

Multimobby has following unique selling points:

Passengers feet and arms are protected by the construction and the doors.
Low and easy boarding ( access ) and low ( programmable ) speed.
Each passenger has a door.
Multimobby is available with doorsensors; when a door is open, the Multimobby cannot drive or stops
Also available is a frontscanner and parking sensors activated while driving reverse.
Corona screens are also optional available, a safe travel is possible!

Compact dimension:
6 seater: 1.08 x 3.00 meter
8 seater: 1.08 x 3.80 ( available from 2024 )
Luggagerack for 2 to 4 cabine luggage

Multimobby introduction

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