The multifunctional transportwheelchair


March 30, 2020

Mobby with protection screen

Mobby with protection screen
Protection screen against corona virus, ...

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March 29, 2020

Hygiene protection screen

Hygiene protection screen
Protection screen against ...

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Mobby concept

Mobby concept

Kostenbesparend concept

Mobby transport wheelchair

  • Design:
    Designed for transport of People with Reduced Mobility
  • Safety:
    Mobby does not tip over when someone steps onto the footplate
    Passengers feet are protected
    Safety breaking system; Mobby is on the break when it is not in use
  • Armrest and footplate are swing-up and cannot be taken away from the Mobby
  • Strong and rigid
  • Low maintenance and durable; low operating costs
  • Special strong double painting to aviod damages
  • Not painted parts are from Stainless Steel
  • Stackable; space saving
  • Available with several options, such as: luggage rack, lock, name plate, seatbelt ect, see options

Mobby fixations
Mobby's can be equipped with patented fixations. Mobby can be connected with each other and be moved in a row. Great feature when collecting empty Mobby's

Click on the image below

Mobby's with fixations can be connected to the electrical devices. Collecting empty Mobby's can be done electrically.
Electric driving with 2 or 3 passenger is possible

The luggage Mobbycan take larger luggage and can be connected to the Mobby with the same fixations ( see image below )

Kostenbesparend concept

Mobby patient transport

Cost saving Mobby concept

Costsaving concept  Costsaving concept

Efficiëncy, ergonomic and timesaving 

Because the weight of 35 kilo and the fact that the Mobby3 is rigid, the wheelchair is hard to steal. 
Optional is the anti-theft pole and the possibility to implement track & trace !

Product presentation and interview


Transport of Patients

  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby basic
  • Costsaving concept
  • Mobby concept
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby parking
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby with keylock (example of option)
  • Costsaving conceptMobby with luggagerack (example of option)
  • Costsaving concept
    e-Mobby connected with a Mobby
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby collecting   
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby legrests foldable and swing-up (example of option)
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby oxygen bottle holder foldable and swing-up (example of option)
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby IV pole INOX (example of option)
  • Costsaving concept
    Mobby Coinlock with holder INOX (example of option)
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